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Sometimes you need to separate what goes on the page with information that is needed to generate the page.

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File Timestamps Not Tracked by Git

How I used NextJS, MaterialUI, and a recursive React component to make a page tree

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Exploring Material UI’s Tree

<TreeItem />

and using the JavaScript Proxy class

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Looking at Web Workers

Structure, a hook, and a higher order component

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Folder Structure

Using react-markdown to turn code blocks into code editors

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  • Only one code block per page.
  • Difficult to add additional (non-code) content to the page.

Reading .js files and injecting the code as page content

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Dynamic Routing in NextJS

Creating a uniform style and colour palette

  • @codemirror/highlight
  • @codemirror/matchbrackets

Bringing a non-React project into a React project

What Should I Use?

Creating the Editor Component

import React from "react";export const…

Is it wizardry or trickery?

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  • Uploading from WebStorm to GitHub
  • Semantic Versioning
  • Conventional Commits

First Iteration Behaviour

Photo by Chris Ried on Unsplash

GitHub, Semantic Versioning, and Conventional Commits

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Creating a GitHub Project from WebStorm

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